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We are excited to be switching to a more modern, flexible, robust computer system in November. We chose to make this change because we believe it will make it easier for you to conduct business with us and easier for us to deliver the member service you expect. 

Change is challenging and we want to make this process as painless as possible for you, our valued members. We are making the process as seamless as possible, doing most of the work internally. And some processes will require action on your part to resume successfully after the new system goes live.

The FAQ below covers CU operations, ATMs and Home Banking. Subsequent updates will discuss Credit card, Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, Remote Deposit Capture and Mortgage Payments. Please retain and review the attached document for use between now and when the new system goes live. We recommend you highlight the headings for services you use currently to make sure you have taken the required action.

It is absolutely vital that you know and prepare for what will happen during the period starting when the old system goes down (October 27) and when the new system comes up (October 31). No one at the credit union will be able to “undo” any difficulties you encounter through lack of awareness during that “dark” time

Please let us know if you need additional help or information to be fully prepared.


Q: What can I expect at the branches?
A: CU will close at 12 noon on Friday 10/27/2017 and will remain closed through Monday 10/30/2017. 

Q: When will you reopen?
A: The Credit Union will reopen at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday 10/31/2017. All transactions performed that day will be dated 11/1/2017.  

Q: What about ATM access to cash while your system is down?
A: Starting at 12 noon on Friday 10/27 through Monday 10/30, stand-in limits will apply for ATM and Debit cards.
    •ATM Withdrawal: $110/day (applies to cards beginning with 416713 and 6404261)
    •Point of Sale transaction: $110/day (applies to cards beginning with 416713)
    •Signature transaction (transaction run as a credit using the debit card): $110/day (applies to cards beginning with 416713)

Q: What about balance inquiries and transfers?
A: During the stand-in period, no balance inquiries or transfer will be available at any ATM

Q: What am I supposed to do in case of emergency?
A: Please plan ahead. Work with a credit union member service representative to create a strategy addressing anything you can anticipate going wrong.

Online Banking

Q: What will happen to online banking?
A: Online banking will not be available starting at 12 noon PST on 10/27/17. Attempts to access the online banking site will be redirected to our public website.

Q: What’s going to happen to my online banking login?
A: All login IDs (currently member number) must be changed. The first time you log in with the new system, it will accept your member number and prompt you to change to a new alpha-numeric login ID. 

Q: What if I’ve already changed my login ID to alpha-numeric in the old system?
A: You will be prompted to put in your member number to verify that you are in the correct account. You will be prompted to change your login ID again.

Q: What are the requirements for my new alpha-numeric online banking log in?
A: The login ID must be unique and available, alpha-numeric, at least 6 characters in length and no more than 12 characters in length. The login ID on cannot contain special characters.  

Q: What about my password? Will it stay the same?
A: No. The default password for first time login is the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number of the Primary Account Holder. You will be prompted to select a new password. Passwords will never expire. Online banking password complexity requirements are: 
    •Minimum length of 8 characters; maximum length of 20 characters
    •1 alpha character is required
    •1 numeric character is required
    •1 special character is required 
    •Acceptable special characters: ! ” # $ % & ( ) + , - / ; = ? [ \ ] ^ _ ` { } * ‘
    •A character may be repeated up to 3 times in the password
    •Mixed case characters will be enforced in the password

Q: What happens if I forget or miss-key my password? How many attempts do I get before I lock myself out?
A: To protect your account from unauthorized activity, access is frozen after 8 invalid login attempts. We recommend initiating the password reset option after 3 failed attempts. Once access is frozen after 8 tries, only the CU may clear frozen status. Initiating the password reset option after 8 tries will reset the password, but since the access is frozen, the system will not let you use the new password until someone at the CU clears the frozen status.

Q: What will I receive if I have to initiate password reset?
A: A password reset email will come from: donotreply@vadpfcu.org. Follow the directions in the email to reset your password.

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: Only Active Users will be converted. “Active User” is defined as someone who has logged in at least once since 10/31/2016. If you want to access online banking after the new system goes live, and haven’t done so lately, please make sure to log in at least once between now and the middle of October. Notify us promptly if you have any difficulty or have questions.

Q: What if I fail to log in and become inactive?
A: Inactive Users who try to login during and immediately after the new system goes live, will receive an error message. After the CU comes back on line, you will need to be set up as a new user on the new system. Please contact the credit union after November 6 to request this service.

Q: What if I have customized information on my account in online banking?
A: If you have created nicknames for your shares/ loans or alerts (low balance, NSF, etc.), you will need to reenter this. This information is not currently stored in a database that will be captured by the new system.

Q: I have set up an automatic transfer in online banking to move money to my club account, loan or other share suffix. Will that be transferred to the new system?
A: Yes. Cross-account transfers (share to loan; share to share) will be captured by the new system.

Q: What about transfers to other institutions? What if I have a transfer to my loan, savings or checking elsewhere?
A: These transfers will not be captured by the new system. CU intervention will be required to reopen this option for you. Then you can recreate your transfer details.

Q: Will I be able to look at my history (i.e. how am I going to balance my October statements, verify my payments or deal with disputed transactions?)
A: No. Please download your e-statements by October 27th. The history of your shares/ loans will NOT be available in the new system. Please download and save any data you want to retain after the new system goes live. We recommend logging in and downloading your October history on October 27th before 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Everyone will automatically receive a free final statement via US Mail.

Q: What’s going to happen to transactions like share drafts and ACH transactions that would have occurred during the “dark” period or ATM and POS transactions that occur during the “dark” period?
A: They will be held and posted by the new processor on Monday, October 31 with an effective date of November 1.

Q: Are there any new services coming in online banking as a result of the new system?
A: Yes! 
    1.Document upload: You may provide documents requested by the CU for any account you have with us (deposit or loan). You may         attach .pdf,.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx attachments in the Message Center. 
    2.Services Tab. This area will enable you to: 
            •Open a Sub Account
            •Request to skip a loan payment 
            •Opt-Out of Courtesy Pay
            •View pending debit card holds from active shares (this means you can view holds that get created between the new system live                 date and account closure date for up to 32 days after an account is closed) 
            •Enroll in E-statements 
            •Get an Estimated Loan Payoff quote
            •Change your Mailing Address
    3.Transaction Tab. This area, in addition to being able to view history and transfer between your VADP accounts, will enable you to
            •Request a check withdrawal from a share or Line of Credit loan. Mailing address will display on the verification screen. The check              you create will be made payable to the primary member and sent to the address on record.
    4.New Transfer Tab. This area will allow you to move funds from your account to your other sub accounts, other related credit union                 accounts (dependent/spouse, for example) and to other financial institutions. 
            •You can set up a new transfer to any sub account associated with your member number (e.g. club account, savings, checking or             loan). As stated above, transfers of this type that already exist will transfer to the new system. This is where you will create NEW             transfers.
            •Once you have requested us to establish “Additional Access” in the new system, you can also transfer funds to any other CU or             bank account. This means we have to initialize this service for each account not associated with your member number into which             you want to transfer funds. As noted above, transfers of this type that already exist will NOT transfer to the new system.

Bill Payment- NEW 10/13/17

Q: If online banking goes down at noon on Oct 27th, what happens to bill payment?
A: Starting at 5:00 a.m. PST on Tuesday 10/24/17, the bill payment feature will no longer appear as an option within home banking, or VADP mobile banking app. Bills will still get paid on time, you just won’t be able to inquire, change or create any new bills until after the new system goes live.

Questions pertaining to bills paid on or before 10/27/17 should be directed to CU staff.

Q: What will happen to my bills scheduled to pay while your system is being upgraded?
A: Any previously scheduled bills up until 10/31/2017 will be processed by 10/27/17. The posting of these payments may show up in your October or November history, depending on when the system upgrade process begins. Please check your statements. 

Q: What about my existing recurring/scheduled payment and history?
A: Bill Pay vendors/ accounts/ pending and recurring payment information will be captured by the new system. Up to 6 months of bill payment history will be provided on the new system via a hyperlink. 
A: Person to person payment information will not be converted to the new system.

Q: What about bills I set up via E-bill enrollment?
A: Unfortunately, you will need to re-enroll in E-bill service for any biller previously on this service. You will need to re-enroll once the new system is live.

All payments scheduled on or after 11/1/2017 will be completed by the new system.

Most payments will be processed and sent via electronic payment. For payees who do not accept electronic payments, a Cashier’s Check will be issued from your account on the Processed Date, which typically is 3-5 days prior to the Due Date, also known as, Deliver By Date.

Person to person payment option has been improved with two choices, depending on the type of information you have for the person you are trying to pay. 
1. Email Payment: this option only requires you to provide the email address of the person you are trying to pay. The system will generate an email requesting bank and account information directly from the payee. The payee’s information will be stored on the bill pay system for future payment. 
2. Pay an Individual: this option requires you to obtain and input Bank, account information, mailing address, etc.

Effective 11/1/17, any questions regarding these payments should be made by calling the new support number: 855-318-4279 or 562-498-1250, Option 5. Phone support is available from 4.30 AM to 11 PM PST, Monday through Friday. A new chat feature is also available in the Bill Payment module in Online Banking.

Credit Cards (Cards begin with 489643)

As previously stated, credit card purchases WILL NOT be impacted during our conversion. You may view Credit Card basic account information in the new On-line Banking and make payments. However, there will be some changes to how you login and view your full account information, including E-statement. Please refer to separate mailing detailing the process for registering for online access.

Mobile Banking App

You may download the new app in the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android Phone) by searching for VA Desert Pacific Mobile on 11/1/2017. Login instructions will be emailed to all active users and posted on our website. 


If you currently have a Money Market Account, the suffix/ID 007 will be changed to 0017.  

All dividends, including Christmas and Club accounts, will be posted on 10/27/17. Dividends are computed and paid through 10/31/17.  

All monthly service fees, including Debt Protection fees, will be posted on 10/27/17.  

Same-day ACH debits and credits received after 12 noon PST on 10/27/17 will be posted to your accounts with effective date of 11/1/2017 when the new system goes live.  

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